Monday, 19 December 2011

The Christmas Round Robin

Friday the 16th of December was a stunning day with a light breeze and blue sky.

Shiraz and Gus  playing in the finals, the paraglider does not distract the players.

Gus Millner and Shiraz Cerfontein playing in the final of the Xmas Round Robin.

The Round Robin was a great success, with keen tennis and a relaxing braai afterwards.
Most interesting costume went to Gavin who would have won more points for a pleated skirt, but as the only player wearing a Santa hat, a prize has been kept for him,
Jean Claude and Luigi were invited to join us but unfortunately both had other engagements.
The day's tennis was competitive and amiable  and once again the spirit of Clifton Tennis Club
won the day.

The 20 attending members were drawn into two teams, Candy Canes and Xmas Trees, playing in 2 groups of 5 each side.
The Round Robin format allows 4 games with your drawn partner then the Candy Canes changed over and 4 more games ensued.
Collecting individual points, it soon became clear who the front runners were.

After 32 games the totals were:
Shiraz 28 points
Gus 24 points
Barry(replaced by Tobie) 21 points
James 20 points
Glynis 19 points
Ivor 18 points
Nadine 18 points
Roger 18 points
Mark 18 points
Frans 18 points
Stuart 17 points
Alberto 15 points
Craig 13 points
Gavin 13 points
Carol 13 points
Neville 12 points
Nick 11 points
Wendy 10 points
Darel 9 points
Roy 5 points

The final match between Gus Xmas Tree with James Candy Cane vs   Shiraz Candy Cane and Tobie Xmas Tree was very close with both teams level at the cross over. Gus and Shiraz managed to clinch the victory
with a final score of 5- 3.

Well done to Gus and Shiraz and well done to newcomers James and Tobie.

Many thanks to Roger and Darel Carol  and all those who chipped in.