Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Tennis Season opens Officially

After one of the wettest  Winters  ever,  Capetonians are relishing the welcome spring weather.
The Tennis Club has been busy, with social and Box League games.
Traditionally the season opens with a Round Robin. Previously, the La Perla Cup.
The La Perla Round Robin has now been moved to  late Summer  to include our overseas members.
The Spring Round Robin will now take place on Heritage day, this year and hopefully in the future.
As is befitting the Heritage custom, there will be a Braai, weather permitting!
The Round Robin kicks off at 9 on Monday. The deadline is Saturday if you still have not entered.

The Annual Club Dinner will take place at La Perla Restaurant  in Sea Point on Sat Oct the 6th.
Holders of trophies are required to bring their trophies to the dinner.

I spent  July in Canada which experienced the hottest and driest summer in 70 years.
We found a single all weather tennis court in the nearby town of Shawville (population 4000).

Due to the enthusiasm of our Austrian neighbours, we played tennis almost every day, at 7. 30 in the morning to beat the heat. Even on the rare rainy day, tennis was mandatory, as you can see by the
picture of Wendy and the Austrians furiously scrubbing the decks.

The extreme heat in Canada had it's benefits. The animals were coming out of the bush to cool off.

This is a picture of Mildred the Moose having a swim in the lake.