Monday, 15 October 2012

September to Mid October Box League closes

The final match of the September -October  Box League took place yesterday afternoon in near hurricane conditions.
Witnessed by Pat Wendy and Myself, Charl won his match against Gus 6-4 7-5. The single point helped Gus go up to box 1. Unfortunately Charl had not played enough matches to gain points although his victory against Gus in impossible wind, was very entertaining, Gus might not agree.

Many thanks to Roger for the work he has put in to make this a great success.
The Box League has raised the standard and stoked  up competitive fires...
There will be many exciting matches in the next session

And now Without any more ado ...a word  from the Organiser.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have closed off the box league for mid October. 
May I ask that everyone makes an effort to complete their games for the sake of their other colleagues in the respective boxes. As you will see some completed 100% others were less “good”

Just a few comments: Tobie remains close to invincible, despite his ankle. Gavin has done well …….It’s the free “coaching” he receives socially. Gus re-marches to the top again. Sorry to read that Mark, Roy and Pia will not be available. Craig did well but has been too focused on watching the All Blacks play innovative rugby. Carol and Glynis have shown their determination and rewarded.

I will do my best to keep everyone informed the next couple of weeks and thereafter Mark and Gus will stand in as I follow Columbus’ route to the New World.

Best wishes and enjoy this final session



Here are the final points for the Box League which has now closed.
For the full details of the points , please go to the Competition page.

The new Oct-Nov League has now started and the new participants and boxes is listed after the points sheet, and will have been emailed to you by Roger.

Final Points Sept- Oct
Contender Points
Box 1
Ivor Kaye 9
Tobie Mynhardt 14
Dave Darlington 6
Gavin Smith 11
Box 2
James Wilson 3
Craig Ray 8
Gus Millner 9
Charl Dreyer 4
Box 3
Richard Bacon 11
Glynis Gillot 12
Mark Humble 0
Roger Trythall 2
Mike Scher 5
Box 4
Roy Bermeister 3
Carol Coetzee 14
Pat Josephson 11
Suzanne Grant 2
Box 5
Nick Fredman 16
Ben Ter Beeck 8
Tako Seelman 2
Nicolo Pudel 1
Pia Retief 1

New Boxes October- Novemeber

Box 1
Ivor Kaye
Tobie Mynhardt
Gus Millner
Gavin Smith
Box 2
Dave Darlington
Craig Ray
Charl Dreyer
Glynis Gillot
Box 3
Richard Bacon
Carol Coetzee
James Wilson
Mike Scher
Box 4
Nick Fredman
Roger Trythall
Pat Josephson
Ben Ter Beeck
Box 5
Suzanne Grant
Tako Seeleman
Nicolo Pudel