Saturday, 4 May 2013


This Sunday four Finals are being played:

Glynis vs Anita in the Ladies Singles

Gus vs Mike Wolffe in the Vets Singles

Tobie vs Shiraz in the Open Singles

and Wendy and Glynis Vs Claire and Marianne in the Ladies Doubles RR

Roger has posted a video of the Teddy Tennis coaching at the Glen with
Keagen and Mark.

Congratulations to Mike Wolffe who has returned from  the Inter Provincials +70's

And finally the Club welcomes the following new Members for this new financial year:

Oct 12   Mike Wolffe
Nov 12  Michael Fouche
Jan 13    Claire von Turenhout
                Preben Skak-Jensen
                Fernando Gomes
Feb 13   Doug Wilson
                Sally Price (rejoined)
Mar 13  Astrid Koch
Apr 13   Caroline Maritz
                Manie Maritz
                John Tedder
                Timm von Bragen
                Friedrich Tienemann