Monday, 26 September 2011

Blast From The Past

Gus has given me some background information about the Club plus a few photo's of earlier days, you may recognise some members!

If you have any interesting facts about the Club's past, please post to the  chairman

Some History and Trivia about Clifton Tennis Club.
  • The Club was establishd before W.W.2, site plans show two courts prior to 1945.
  • The club was revived by returning Veterans who were billited to Clifton.
  • Courts converted from clay to all weather in 1958
  • Court no 3 was built in 1966.

Lights were first considered in 1967 and discussed in 1981 and only installed in 1992.  Twenty members contributed R1000 each in place of subs for 8 years.
2001 the fees for lights were set at R10 per hour, still intact!

  • Colin Carter 1st became a member in 1956.
  • Val Clelland joined in 1961.
  • Doug Clelland joined in 1972,Bob Kelly in 1993,Stan and Maureen in 1979.
  • 1985-6 Gus, Daryl, Ralph and Pat joined and started their regular foursomes.

  • 1980 fees for Men and Women on Par
  • 1981 membership was R120, difficulty in collecting visitor's fees.
  • Membership in 1962 was 40
  • 1986 membership peaked at 140.