Sunday, 25 September 2011

Welcome to the Clifton Tennis Club Site


With our magnificent setting between the sea and the mountains ,Clifton Tennis Club strives to provide  a friendly  atmosphere where the game of tennis can be enjoyed, and members can relax socially .


The Club has three outdoor all-weather courts, two of which are floodlit. We have a clubhouse with a fridge and simple kitchen equipment and there are separate changing and toilet facilities. There is a practice wall at the back of the clubhouse.

We do not have a booking system and the courts are available on a first-come-first-served basis. There is a reciprocal arrangement with The Glen Country Club.
Tennis balls are provided free of charge by the Club and may be found in the clubhouse.

Social Tennis

All three courts are reserved for social tennis on Sunday mornings from 09h00 to 13h00 and again on Wednesday afternoons from 16h00 onwards. This is one of the highlights of the Club and gives members the opportunity to play friendly sets with other players of a similar ability.

On social days it is deliberately informal with players taking it in turns to play and with no fixing of partners and opponents in advance. Latecomers do not have preference over those already waiting for a game even though those waiting may have played already. (At the moment we are using a blackboard where you can chalk your name in a block, with other names, or on its own if vacant, to indicate your intention to play.)

All matches on social days should be doubles and may be men’s, ladies’, or mixed or any other combination.  Matches consist of one set with the winners being the first to six games. If the score reaches 5-5 then a single final game should be played.

On Sundays, regular social players take it in turns to make the tea and provide simple refreshments such as cake, sandwiches and fruit. A “Tea Duty” roster is drawn up every few months and e-mailed to those lucky volunteers and pinned on the notice-board at the Club.

Standard of Play

The Club welcomes players of all abilities, from beginners to intermediate and advanced. That said, we do not participate in any of the local leagues and most members enjoy playing friendly matches against players of similar ability.

New members should have attained a reasonable standard before joining one of the social sessions. In other words, an ability to execute the basic shots – forehand and backhand ground strokes, volleys and serve - and to keep the ball in play and direct the ball.

We do not have our own coach but many members use the services of one of the two coaches at The Glen, where coaching is available on The Glen courts.  

Members’ Guests and Unaccompanied Visitors

The Club welcomes guests and visitors, both as a way of meeting and playing tennis against new people and encouraging new members. The daily fee for the guest of a member is R25 per person and for unaccompanied visitors it is R50. The appropriate fee should be placed in an envelope provided beneath the notice boards. Please write your name on the envelope and  post it through the slot of the wooden box in the door to the changing room.


There is a small parking area at the entrance to the Club for the exclusive use of members and spaces are available on a strictly “first-come-first-served” basis.


There are floodlights on Courts 1 and 2. The fee for the lights is  currently R7 for each 20 minute period. There is a coin-operated meter box in the changing room.  The metre facility is currently being upgraded.


The Club Championships take place annually and are usually held in March/April. There is an Open tournament and also one for Veterans aged 55+, which run concurrently.   Both singles and doubles events are played and the finals are generally held on a Sunday.

There is also an annual “round robin” tournament, a one-day event held in Spring.

In addition there may be one or two other friendly tournaments throughout the year.

All tournaments and similar events are usually followed by a “bring and braai”.

Box League
There is a singles Box League that runs throughout the year.
For the latest Box League Points, go to the Box League Page