Saturday, 26 January 2013


Dear Members

This is the first newsletter of 2013. 
Following the AGM the new committee has had 2 meetings, one to elect the office bearers and then a regular meeting to deal with business at hand.

The New Committee

The committee has a new secretary,  Roger Trythall, replacing Mark Humble, 
Neville Lampert continues as Treasurer and I continue as Chairman.
We have a new committee member, Charl Dreyer.  Gus Millner and Darel Orkin are the other two members.
Minutes of the last meeting will be posted on the notice board  and a new notice board will be installed to carry copies of the Blog and general news.
Items discussed at the last meeting were, fence maintenance, Clubhouse maintenance , rates, forthcoming championships and  membership updates.

Farewells and Welcomes

It is with sadness that we say farewell to longstanding members. 
Members relocating this year are Richard and Mark moving back to England, Cheryl and Ingrid, playing at Constantia and Stan and Maureen, playing at Gardens. We sincerely hope that past members will keep up with events at Clifton Tennis Club and are welcome to visit from time to time as Gilly and Dave Shreeve did a few Sundays ago.
Several members are also holding off membership due to injuries and we wish speedy recovery to Carol, Nadine, Mare and Paula and  also hope to see Pat and Barry back on the courts soon.
We  also extend a warm welcome  to  the several new Members who have recently joined.
Alison Montague, Michael Fouche, Michael Wolffe and Preben Skak-Jensen and Claire Van Turenhout.

Social Tennis

Social tennis has been lively lately as we start a new year.  Weather permitting. 
3 to 4 courts were in use on Wednesday and Sundays have been equally busy.
Just a reminder to make sure Subs are paid before Thurs 31st.

The La Perla Round Robin

The La Perla will take place on Sun the 3rd Feb, entrants must have notified the committee by Fri the 1st.


From Roger.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
We would like to get the annual championships underway by 15th February 2013. If you would like to participate, please advise the conveners by 5th February 2013, which is just under 2 weeks from today.
The conveners are Gus Milner, Darel Orkin plus AN Other

There are the following categories:

  1. Lady's Open Singles
  2. Lady's Open Doubles
  3. Men's Open Singles
  4. Men's Open Doubles
  5. Men's Vets Singles
  6. Men's Vet's Doubles
  7. Mixed Open Doubles
There are no Lady's vets.
Conditions for entry are:
  1. Annual Subscriptions 2013 should be fully paid by 31st January 2013
  2. Vets are 55 and over in the year 2013
  3. Fee per category is R 30 and can be paid directly to the club account or by cash to Neville and should be paid along simultaneously with application to participate.
May I on behalf of the conveners ask that you advise soonest of your wish to participate. It seems there are more active members than before and it does take considerable time and effort to arrange the various draws etc. Your cooperation is appreciated.
May I also ask that the trophy winners of 2012 to ensure that engraving has taken place and to deliver the trophies to Nick by 15th March 2013.


A  brazen thief walked into the Toilets and rifled the cash box while Social tennis was underway last Sunday. He claimed to be a council worker and cleverly left no suspicious
evidence. On closer inspection he had cut through the padlock clasp and left all the envelopes behind.
The committee is discussing what further security measures can be taken but we do advise all members not to leave valuables around the clubhouse while unattended and to confront strangers who walk into the Club grounds.