Monday, 4 February 2013

The La Perla Round Robin

La Perla 3rd February 2013

This took place in rather more wind than was thought. Nevertheless there were 26 participants including guests of members. Each were assigned to be either “stayers” or “swappers” and assigned within 3 groups of 4 pairs.
According to Luigi, who has kindly arranged the trophy La Perla and the winners’ vouchers for a number of years, this was top turnout compared to earlier times.
From the 3 groups the following emerged as top of the respective groups:
·       Group 1 (Rosso) Marie Perry (swapper) with 13 points; Charl Dreyer (stayer) with 15 points
·       Group 2 (Bianco) Gavin Smith (swapper) with 16 points; Russel Dor (stayer) with 19 points
·       Group 3 (Verde) Giulio Marabini (swapper) with 18 points; Frans van Pallander (stayer) with 14 points
The following were very close in their groups: Roger Perry (stayer) with 14 points, Vanessa September (swapper)  with 15 points and Shiraz (swapper) with 17 points. His partner let him down.
The two top swappers and two top stayers played out the final with victory going to Russel Dor (9 points), followed by Giulio Marabini (7 points, Charl Dreyer (5 points) and Gavin Smith (3 points).
Thanks again go to Luigi during this difficult time; to Marianne who organised the tea, to Nick and Charl for arranging the draw and preparing the score sheets, enabling play to commence promptly. Also thanks to Neville for collecting the entrance payments.  (posted by Roger).

Thanks to Roger for his help, particularly in the final format and for the following Photographs and Videos

El Capitano

Members enjoy the sunshine

Guilio and Charl, finalists

Guilio receives his voucher

Russel, 2013 winner of the La Perla Cup

Gavin receives his La Perla Voucher
 Charl, runner up.