Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Camps Bay Watch

The following notice was submitted by Gus Millner in the interest of residents and Members.

As many of you are aware the SECURITY of Camps Bay, Clifton and Bakoven has been greatly enhanced over the past few years by the volunteer work of Camps Bay Neighbourhood Watch (CBNW), SAPS, The security companies and generous donors. We have experienced some very serious crime, but the criminals were apprehended, brought to justice and are now goaled. There is also other levels of crime ranging from petty to break-ins so constant vigilance is needed.

At a recent meeting of the community, Alderman JP Smith referred to recent research that neighborhood watch organizations are the single largest deterrent in preventing crime.

Over 250 people within these communities have volunteered to patrol 2 or 3 hours every 6 – 8 weeks or so when convenient; SOME within our tennis club are already doing your bit.

However, there is a constant need to expand the membership of CBW and the volunteer patrol corps. If you have the time  and want to contribute to maintaining safety within Camps Bay, Clifton and Bakoven, please consider to contact Gus (021 438 8983;  072 1755 458) and discuss how you too could ‘do the right thing’!!!  Patrols are always with an experienced partner(s) and are of an OBSERVE and RESPOND (not confronting) nature.

Financial contributions are levied on a fee basis of R 220.00 per month or a once-off of whatever is appropriate. Please consider  contributing. CBWatch not only enhances Security but preserves Property Values!!!!

VAGRANTS can be a significant source of crime. If you wish to REALLY HELP these unfortunates improve their lot, do not give them hand-outs; rather make a CONTRIBUTION to THE HAVEN which has programs to help rehabilitate them into a more normal lifestyle…… and suggest to your VISITORS that they act similarly.