Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Dear Members These are finals matches due to be played:

Ladies' Singles Final, Glynis Gillott v Carol Coetzee, Sunday 15th April, 11am

Men's Veterans' Singles Final, Dave Darlington v Charles Rickens, Saturday 21st April, 3pm.

These are semi finals to be played:

Men's Open Doubles Semi-Final, Eric Welz & Stuart Collier v Russel Dor & Ron Shaked, Saturday 14th April, 10.30 am (to be confirmed)

The Winners will then play Tobie & Shiraz in the Final.

Mixed Doubles Semi-Final, Russel Dor & Anita Prendergast v Tobie Mynhardt & Wendy Fredman (to be arranged)

The Winners will then play Eric & Carol in the Final.

Men's Open Singles Semi-Final, Gus Millner v Tobie Mynhardt (to be arranged).

The Winner will play Eric Welz in the Final.

So we hope to play the 3 remaining Finals not yet arranged on Sunday 15th April and/or Sunday 22nd April.