Saturday, 21 April 2012

Latest Results

Two Finals were played yesterday:

The Ladies' singles between Glynis Gillot and Carol Coetzee,
and  The  Mens' Veterans Singles Between Charl Rickens and Dave Darlington.
The morning match began on time and was a marathon 3 setter, with both players testing each others patience. Carol took the first set 6-2, Glynis then took charge and won the second set 3-6. Carol took the match in the 3rd set 6-2.  The match was played in good spirit,  was enjoyed by a fair crowd and  thanks to Tobie Mynhardt  for acting as umpire.

The afternoon match was scheduled for 3pm, but only started at 3.30 due to the late arrival of Dave.

For  the interest of competitors and  members, these are the rules and penalties as set out by the USTA.
These rules are available on the Club Blog.

A. Lateness  for Start of Match
5 minutes or less:
Loss of toss plus 1 game
5:01 - 10 minutes:
Loss of toss plus 2 games
10:01 - 15 minutes:
Loss of toss plus 3 games
More than 15 minutes: default
Except for a default, the Referee shall never assess
more than a 3-game penalty for lateness.

Dave took the match fairly easily in 2 straight sets 6-1 6-1.

Weather permitting, the semi final between
Eric and Stuart vs Russel and Ron,
will take place on Sun 22nd at 10.30 am